About Todd Kearns

Influenced by Southwest Colorado

After living in the desert Southwest since 1989, I have been profoundly influenced by the landscape, the seasons, the winds, the indigenous communities, and the vast beauty. I started designing and creating beadwork jewelry in 1992, but was more focused on athletic pursuits over my artwork. I lived with lots of undone art ideas, and it wasn’t until an accident derailed my athleticism that I began to learn silversmithing. It didn’t take long to realize I have a bit of talent and the discipline for creating art on a daily basis.

I mostly create jewelry from silver, and turquoise and variscite stones. In the last several years, I have learned to cut the stones I use myself, and lately, I ventured into mining my own stones as well. I am proud to be able to create a piece of jewelry using stones I mined and cut myself. I still do occasionally buy stones from other cutters because they are special to me in some way. I am very interested in the mining history and stories of turquoise and variscite (a cousin gemstone to turquoise), and which mine the stones come from.

Little Wing Silverworks was founded in 2016. I operate from a solar-powered workshop in Mancos, CO. If I’m not cutting stones or making jewelry, I’m often out hiking in the nearby desert or mountains. I’ve been fortunate to live a varied and adventurous life, and silversmithing and mining have taken it to a surprising new level. Thanks for being part of the story!

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