All sales are final

I appreciate that you are interested in my jewelry!

If you have questions, or are not sure of ring size, or you need information about the stone, or size of the piece, please ask before purchasing. Rings are difficult, due to sizing, but there are ways we can figure it out. Please do contact me before purchasing, if you have any doubt whether it’s the right piece for you.

Most pendants, unless the chain is built into the necklace, will come with a leather cord. Some are shown with chains in the photo, but those are examples only. If you’d like to have a silver chain included, please contact me for pricing.

Turquoise and Variscite can be somewhat fragile stones. Do not wear jewelry with turquoise or other soft stones in the shower, when washing your hands, swimming, etc. Lotion and perspiration can eventually change the color of stones.

There is no actual or implied warranty with my jewelry. That said, I stand behind every piece I make. If something happens in shipping, a stone breaks, or your ring size changes, please contact me and we will work to resolve any issue asap.

All orders will go out within two business days, and sent Priority. Shipping is $8 per item. Multiple items can be combined. I can usually fit 3 items per Priority Mail Flat Rate mailers.


I only work with real silver (sterling and fine) and gold. The stones I use are the highest quality, and usually natural. At times, I will use an exceptional piece of stabilized turquoise, and I will always note it in that case. If you have questions about how these terms apply to a piece of jewelry you are considering, just email me your questions. If you express interest in a piece of my jewelry, but decide, for whatever reason, that it’s not for you, no problem! Really! You are never under any sort of obligation to buy something from me, if you express interest in it. I am happy you are here visiting my website. If you see something that looks neat to you, I sure appreciate it!

– Todd


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